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I'd like to welcome you to Real Vampires and introduce myself to those of you who may not yet know me. I am called V Luna or just Luna. I am a real vampire.

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I was born a vampire and raised knowing what I am. My mother and maternal grandfather were also vampires although my father, brother and sister were not vampires. The earliest I can remember anything in regard to vampires is from when I was four years old. My family took a trip to Germany to visit with my mother's family. My grandfather there had cancer and was not given long to live. Regrettably the things that I remember most clearly were things that made an impression on someone so young. One of the things that impressed me most was the fact that I could understand my grandfather. He spoke no English and I spoke no German yet we had no problem communicating. I don't remember a single conversation with my grandmother that went well. She had to show me what she meant as she spoke but this barrier was not there with my grandfather. Unfortunately I've only been able to trace our vampirism back as far as my grandfather. Most of our family records were destroyed during the war.

Even as a child I displayed strong vampiric traits. My mother would try to teach me various ways of dealing with them as they arose. For example the problem of staying awake during the day when you have constant trouble sleeping at night was a particularly difficult one. Naps of course! I learned to fall asleep during the day at a moments notice regardless of where I was at the time and wake up just as quickly. She tried to teach me to be humble and reserved but I was a kid after all and often liked to push the limits of what I could do around the other kids. At one point I was one of two students awarded a scholarship to a private school from my school district and she insisted that I turn it down. I could not understand her reasoning. Her reaction was the same when I won a district wide chess tournament. The winners were to go to New York City for a week to take part in the next phase of the competition but she refused to allow me to go. Even when I excelled in sports I was encouraged to play down my abilities. I was the first female to be accepted to our school's football team but once again my mother decided that it was not a wise decision and encouraged me to resign from the sport. It wasn't until much later that I realized she was trying to keep me safe.

I'm not sure when I actually first needed to feed. From a young age I remember going with my mother to our family's butcher. She'd talk with him and get the freshest cut of beef possible. Right in front of us he'd grind it. From there we'd go directly home. We would sit at the table and enjoy ourselves while the remainder of our family looked on in disgust. This was our way of curbing our need to feed. My mother was adamant about not feeding from human donors especially while I was a minor.

Most, if not all, of my psychic abilities first emerged while I was a child. The psychic abilities I have are hard for me to explain. First off, I am empathic. I can foresee the future but can't control it well. I can find lost or misplaced objects or people. I have some control of electronic devices. I can control my dreams. I have at times communicated with ghosts. I can speak with most animals but especially cats. I can sometimes see through the eyes of animals but not control their actions. Speaking with animals is something I have done since I was a kid. Others kids that have been able to do this are usually discouraged by the adults in their lives, believing that it is just the child’s imagination. As I got older I included words like "I bet the cat would say..." or lately I joke that I'm the Cat Whisperer. In the past I used to use cards to tell the future. I did this mostly during my lunch period in High School for extra money. I even gave a money back guarantee but never needed to give the money back. I also get small bits of the future in dreams and sometimes while awake. Those I cannot control when I get them or the details that are in them. I do not like seeing things that haven't happened yet. As I got older the things that I saw were less than pleasant and have found that the details I would get could upset people or even get me into trouble. I have since stopped reading cards and I usually keep my dreams to myself. Psychic abilities are like a muscle. The more you use it the stronger it gets and the easier it becomes to use.

Currently I live on Long Island in New York. I am 55 years old and divorced after being married for a few months short of 30 years. The divorce was not in any way related to my being a vampire. It was simply a very human resolution that benefitted both of us. My ex-husband was not a vampire but rather a skilled energy user who understood and accepted my vampirism since the day we met. We have one son who is now 30 years old and is also a vampire. Online I am very open about who I am but in my personal life very few know of my vampirism. Only my ex-husband, son and a few of my closest friends are aware of it. I guess the lessons that my mother tried to instill in me did take hold after all.

If you have any questions about me, vampirism or this website then feel free to contact me. I can usually be found in my chat room during the evenings or you can contact me by any of the ways listed below.

V Luna
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