Energy Work

Many people have been requesting this information and I will periodically add more lessons to this page. So check back often for new lessons.
I have recently found myself someone who is a very powerful and gifted energy worker that has graciously taken me on as his student. I have made some changes to this page which incorporate some of what he has taught me. I was never able to SEE energy. I could feel it, sense it and manipulate it but never physically SEE it. My teacher gave to me as a gift the ability to finally SEE energy. I never knew that it was possible to bestow this as a gift. This is just an example of the level that can be attained with the proper work.

Energy is all around us. Most people take this energy for granted and never notice it or how it intertwines with our day to day lives. This energy can be found in things such as the sun, moon, earth, water, wind, storms, fire, animals, plants, emotions, and people. This energy is what allows us to use our psychic abilities. Even people who are not naturally gifted with psychic abilities can learn to use them through practicing the lessons on this page. For those of you who are gifted with a psychic ability you should still start at the beginning and give your ability a strong foundation.
We must continually practice the lessons Iíve included on this page in order to have good control of our psychic abilities. Even once you feel that you have mastered one lesson and have begun to practice the next always continue to practice the earlier lessons. Having strength and ability in the basics makes mastering the more advanced lessons easier and gives your skills a good strong foundation. Donít skip ahead to the ones that interest you. Learn them in the order in which I have them on the page for the safest and best results.

Centering and Grounding

Centering is like meditating. When you center you are finding your own identity, energy, and the real you, separate from what other people expect of you. This is important so that later you can find the energy inside you easier and if you pick up on otherís emotions or energies you can still keep them separate from your own. You basically have to look inside yourself and find what makes you the person that you are. Your thoughts and feelings on things, what you want out of your life, what people expect of you, things that you have done, etc. When you discover this stuff about yourself you gain confidence in who you are and in the things that you do. This confidence is very important in working with energy.

Grounding connects your energy to the earth in a stable, secure way. You ground to get rid of unwanted energy and take in clean, balanced energy. When you are well grounded, drawing energy through yourself is easier. Any time you are working with energy, grounding makes it easier.

Start by letting go of all the tension you can, relax, calm yourself, and concentrate on what you are doing. Breathe in your nose and out your mouth, taking long deep breaths. After you exhale count to three before beginning to inhale. Again when your lungs are full count to three before beginning to exhale slowly. As you exhale let all the active energy you have release, and any that you don't want drain down off of you into the earth. As you inhale you draw in good or positive energy, taking it deep into your core.
Extend your own energy down into the earth while keeping it also connected to you. Imagine and feel your energy as roots extending deep into the earth, as anchors. These roots give and take energy balancing your energy. Ground and stabilize your anchor to reduce the feelings of stress.
Drain your unwanted energy down through the roots into the earth and allow the positive energy to return through those roots. The more strongly you ground, the better your energy balance will be. More energy will flow through you smoothly, without feelings of tightness or nervousness.

This should be practiced regularly until you can center yourself and ground at a moments notice even while under stress. It may seem simple but is very necessary for the following lessons. Even once you begin the next lessons always practice centering and grounding to remain adept at it.
I still ground and center every day, usually a few times a day.

Drawing Energy

Your energy can become drained as you use your abilities. Also psi vamps need to draw energy in order to feed. You can learn to draw energy from various sources but at first find one source you are comfortable with. Feel energy from that source flowing into you. You can picture it in your mind as a garden hose pouring energy into you, as a waterfall all around you, as light surrounding and filling you, or even a fire warming you. Allow the energy to surround you and flow into you, raising your energy to a much stronger level.
As you feel the energy flow through you, relax and focus on staying balanced. Donít try to hold the energy in; let it flow through. Bottling it up will stop the flow. Raise the energy strength as far as you can comfortably go. Then, hold the energy flow at that speed and strength for a few minutes. Practice holding it stable.

If you begin to feel lightheaded, ground yourself as you learned earlier by imagining a connection into the ground to let go of the excess energy. Lightheadedness usually means that you have too much energy and need to let some of it go back into the earth, like grounding an electrical system. As you draw energy, take only what feels comfortable to you. If it doesnít seem to flow smoothly that is usually a sign that you are trying too hard. Just stay relaxed and breathe slowly and steadily. Don't try to force it. Forcing it will only make it more difficult to get the right amount of energy. It does become easier over time with practice.


Psiballs are simply balls of psychic energy. We will be using them to help practice energy control. Later you can learn to use then to warm, or cool an area, heal, or carry information. They can be used in pretty much all the same ways that any energy can.

Draw energy from inside you and direct it outward through your hands. Cup your hands in front of you as if you were holding a baseball, with one hand below it and one above it. Picture the energy flowing from your body, through your arms, and out through your hands. You can have your eyes open or closed, which ever is easier for you.
Feel the energy growing and swirling between your hands. Make the energy into a ball between your hands, making it denser or more concentrated as you add more energy. Let yourself feel the energy between your hands. Notice any difference in temperature, any change in the air, sparks of light, any push or pull between your hands, or anything else that changes.

It may take practice to make a strong enough psiball to physically see, but you should be able to feel it quickly. Do not worry if you only feel it, and cannot see it at first that is normal. Some people never gain the ability to see the energy but can feel it. When you draw the energy through your hands properly you should first feel a tingling then a heat between your hands. Chances are that if you think you felt something then you probably did. If you didnít feel anything keep trying. It can take a while for some people before they get the first successful psiball.

Practice regularly to improve your speed at creating psiballs and your control of them.

Advanced Psiball Practice

Once you become more experienced at making psiballs you can try variations. A psiball doesnít have to be round. We start off imagining it as round because it is the easiest form for most people. Make shapes other than a ball; try fire, a pool of water or any other shape you can imagine. Try changing the temperature of the energy, making it extra warm or extra cool. Make the energy carry different emotions, being formed of angry or negative energy, or happy and positive energy.

If you have a willing partner, try using an energy ball to tickle them or cover them with a large ball of happy energy.

Try working with friends who also are learning to work with psiballs. Each person starts by creating his or her own psiball. Then everyone combines all of their psiballs into the center of the circle. Each person continues to add energy to the center. After a few minutes, discuss how each person perceives the energy. As a group, try changing the temperature, the concentration of energy, or the emotion of the energy.

By concentrating on the purpose of healing as you create the psiball and then share the energy with someone it can also be used to heal.


A shield is a bubble of energy that you can form around yourself. You can use it to filter the energy that moves through it, defend against other personís negative energy, prevent people with psychic abilities from using them with you, and helps empaths keep others peopleís emotions separate from their own.

Begin by determining your purpose for the shield. What exactly do you want your shield to do? Do you need it to it keep out all energy or just bad energy and do you want it to be only be defensive or will it attack in response to negative energy?
A shield can have many effects, alone or in combination. A shield can keep energy out altogether or act as a filter to allow only certain energy inside. It can convert energy from one form to another so that a filter is unnecessary. Shields are an important tool for empaths by helping to keep out some of the extra emotional energy so they don't feel overwhelmed. A shield can be used to set borders in the physical world which people will usually not to cross even when they do not realize why they stopped there. It can work as a psychic alarm giving you a warning when someone physically crosses it.
Shields cause any effects you intend them to have when you create them. Just like any psychic ability, energy follows thought. Whatever you think about when you create the shield affects how it is created. The effects a shield can do are not at all limited to what is listed here. You can have the shield do just about anything you can think of.

Once you have a clear intent, begin drawing energy and swirling it around you. Just as with the psiballs, picture the energy as anything you wish. Most find that imagining it as a swirling bubble of water or light works best but others see it as waterfalls, balls of light, fire, trees/vines, crystals, feathered wings or fur, or even metal armor. Imagine this image in motion, swirling the energy around you. Once you feel that it is strong enough allow it to continue on itís own. It should maintain itself for a while but eventually it will weaken. When it does begin to weaken just add more energy to it in the same manner as when you created it.

V Luna
Page Updated July 2017