Common Traits of Vampires

The following is a list of traits that are common to most vampires. If everything on this list applies to you, it does not mean you are a vampire too. Many average people can also have all of these traits. There is more to being a vampire than what is listed here. "More like what?" you ask. Read the rest of the website to understand.

Do not take these traits and symptoms out of context. If you have a number of these, then, before you start assuming that you are a vampire, I highly recommend that you first go and get any symptoms you feel you have checked out with your doctor, often they are quite treatable. I would leave out the blood cravings and concerns that you are a vampire when speaking to your doctor. If you have all of these traits and symptoms may indicate that you are a real vampire, especially if you have the bloodlust or blood cravings.

  • 1) Vampires are naturally nocturnal. This does not mean that we cannot function during the day when we need to but rather we are more awake and alert at night. Commonly this causes sleep problems for us if we try to fight our natural cycles.

  • 2) Vampires are sensitive to sunlight and bright light. We can get sunburn easily and then the burn quickly can turn to a tan although the tan also doesn't last long. Being in the sunlight too long will cause a vampire to feel ill. Most commonly causing migraines but also irritability, nausea, general weakness and skin irritations.

  • 3) Vampires have enhanced physical senses such as vision, hearing, smell, touch and taste. Most often we have excellent night vision but also we can frequently see details in things that others cannot commonly see. Our hearing is enhanced in much the same way allowing us to hear what others would consider a whisper or a buzz from electronic devices. The phrase "a smell so strong we can taste it" is a common experience for us. Extremes in any of these sensory areas cause us discomfort and will quickly make us irritable.

  • 4) We are faster and stronger than average people with comparable exercise regimens and health. We are much stronger than we look. We tend to build muscle tissue faster, and the tissue we build is stronger, more resistant to damage, and more efficient. Granted there are people that are faster and stronger than us but it is just a little easier for us.

  • 5) Vampires have quicker reflexes and greater agility than most people. Our muscles generally respond more quickly and controllably than an average person's. The most common example of our quicker reflexes is our natural ability to catch an object that is falling off a table, often before other people even realize that it was about to fall. Once again an average person can train themselves to fine tune their reflexes and agility but for us it comes naturally.

  • 6) We don't get sick as often or as easily, and we heal faster than average people, whether it is a physical injury or an illness. This is supposed to be because we have an accelerated immune system. Iím not sure if this is why but I do know we heal much quicker.

  • 7) Vampires are gifted with psychic abilities and/or the ability to manipulate energy although the nature of these abilities will vary from vampire to vampire. Most common seems to be empathy but others include clairvoyance, premonition, healing, sensing auras, astral traveling, telekinesis, telepathy, and an assortment of others.

  • 8) Often vampires find that they were drawn to the myths, stories and images of vampires from a young age. They may have felt compelled to experiment with blood, blood drinking or bloodletting and found that it suited them. Although an effort should be made to determine if this is simply a desire for blood or an actual need.

  • 9) Although we need to maintain a healthy and well balanced diet, vampires tend to have various gastrointestinal sensitivities and problems, such as food allergies/sensitivities or eating disorders. The eating disorders can be to either extreme. We can lose interest in food because we have a desire or craving and whether we realize what that craving is for or not we do know that the available food will not satisfy it. To the other extreme we can be overweight due to overeating in an attempt to satisfy a constant hunger or thirst that we canít identify or can identify but what we need is unavailable at the time.

  • 10) We tend to have extreme swings in our mood or behavior. This is not to be confused with schizophrenia or any other mental illness. Generally it will occur when we are dealing with our "Beast", the acute need for a feeding. It can be at itís most extreme when we are in need and get angry, upset, or under the influence of alcohol or drugs. During this time many of us refrain from interacting with others and withdraw from people in attempts to lessen the chance of emotional outbursts.

  • 11) Other traits that have been associated with vampires are depression, melancholia and a sense of being different or separate from others that are considered to be "normal".

  • 12) We are also said to be of above average intelligence, although at times it certainly doesnít feel like it to us. While at other times it can be very apparent. Because of this many of us have overly inflated egos that we really need to keep in check.

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