Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a list of questions that are asked most often regarding myself and/or vampirism. I donít mind being asked questions for it is often the first step in understanding. If you have a question that is not covered on this list or elsewhere on my site then please be sure to contact me through my email, forum or chat room.

  • 1)Are you a real vampire?
  • Yes. I am a real vampire.

  • 2)Do you really drink blood?
  • Yes. I drink blood when I have a healthy and willing donor. If I am without a donor then I usually feed on rare beef.

  • 3)Can you eat real food too?
  • Yes. Not only can we eat regular food but we should follow a healthy and well balanced diet to maintain our health and reduce the stresses on our body.

  • 4)Do you kill people for their blood?
  • No. Real vampires do not kill people for their blood. We do not require a large amount of blood. Most vampires require only an ounce or two. Plus if we donít have a donor there are alternative methods of feeding.

  • 5)Are you immortal?
  • No. Some say that we can live a little bit longer than most people if we take care of our needs but this can be true of most people. The life expectancy of humans has been lengthening and with modern advances in medicine who knows what the future will hold.

  • 6)If you are not immortal then what is the point of being a vampire?
  • The point is that being a vampire is not a choice. We are born this way.

  • 7)Do vampires have fangs?
    My teeth are really long and sharp. Does that mean Iím a vampire?
  • No. A vampireís teeth are just like anyone elseís teeth. This is just a common myth that came about probably due to the fact that many predators have long or sharp teeth. As humans our natural instincts encourage us to be afraid of creatures with fangs or sharp teeth. Since most culturesí stories of vampires emphasized the predatory aspect of the vampire over time many of these stories included fangs or sharp teeth.

  • 8)I like to bite and feel an incredible urge to bite at times. Does this mean Iím a vampire?
  • No. Biting is a natural human trait. As children we are all taught that it is wrong to bite other people but this doesnít mean that our urge to bite will go away. Not all vampires bite their donors. Many, maybe even most of them, never touch their mouths to their donors at all. Since there is a large amount of bacteria in the human mouth the risk of their donor getting an infection is too great. Instead the blood is collected from a small incision or drawn with a syringe and transferred to a suitable vessel for the vampire. Many people and vampires still bite though for sensual satisfaction.

  • 9)Do vampires worship the devil? Is there a vampire religion? Are vampires evil?
  • Vampires are individuals and therefore their beliefs are varied. Some may worship the devil but there are also those that are Christian, Baptist, Jewish, Mormon, Pagan, atheist, etc. There is no one religion that is only for vampires. Some vampires will incorporate their vampirism into how they practice their particular religion. Vampires are no more evil than any other person.

  • 10)I keep having dreams about vampires. What does that mean?
  • Usually a dream is nothing more than a dream. Dreams are our minds way of working through things that have been on our minds lately. Even recurring dreams can be nothing more than a dream. It is possible to dream walk in another personís dream but this is not done without consent and this is not how a vampire would try to contact you anyway.

  • 11)Can a vampire get AIDS, HIV, or some other disease from drinking blood?
  • Yes. It is very important to have any donor medically tested for anything that can be passed on to you through their blood. These tests should be done before ever tasting their blood and should be done periodically to be sure they remain healthy. It is not good enough that they appear in good health or even if they are a virgin. This is something I cannot stress enough. All donors must be medically tested.

  • 12)Is it ok to drink my own blood if I donít have a donor?
  • No. It is not ok to drink your own blood. It would make matters worse for you. You will not get what you need from your own blood and it will make your need to feed worse instead of better. When you need to feed any stress you put on your body only amplifies the need and cutting yourself is stress to the body.

  • 13)Will you turn me into a vampire?
  • No. There is no way to turn someone into a vampire. That is just a myth from the popular books and movies. A vampire is born a vampire. Sometimes a person who is unaware that they are a vampire can be awakened but this is not a turning. Either you were born a vampire or you are not and will not be a vampire. Often attempts at turning have resulted in the person thinking they have become a vampire but sadly it is only in their mind.

  • 14)Is there more than one kind of vampire?
  • Yes. There are sanguinarian vampires (or sang for short) that need to feed on blood whether it is human or another animal. There are also psychic vampires (or psi vampire for short) that need to feed on psychic energy.

  • 15)Are all vampires goth? Do vampires dress in all black?
  • No. Some vampires may be goth or prefer to dress in all black but it is an individual choice.

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